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Membership Application or Renewal

ERYC Dues for the 2021 season are $20.

The Membership Renewal Form was sent out to existing members in January. When renewing your membership, please review the entire form and make any corrections or fill in any additional information that you might have for the membership directory. If you have a winter address other than the one showing in the ERYC directory, please include it. If the person issuing the check is different than the person listed in the directory, please make a note as to which membership is being renewed.

The deadline for being included in the directory for 2021 will be May 1st so that directories can be printed in mid May.

If you want to join the ERYC for the first time, or have misplaced your renewal form, you can download the Membership Form in PDF format or pick one up in the day room (in ERYC book).

(If you can not view the PDF, first download and install the FREE Adobe PDF Reader at
http://www.adobe.com/products/reader/ )

Member Passages

  • Tom McCarthy  09/2000
  • Steve Jensen  10/2000
  • Don Taylor  04/14/06
  • Deb Chamberlain  06/2006
  • Jim Nette  07/2006
  • Sandy Viera 12/27/06
  • Norm Thiel  02/2007
  • Bruce Vollmar, Jr. 11/11/07
  • Rolie Lubbinge  06/20/08
  • Dale J. Schmerheim 06/10/09
  • Jim English  12/2009
  • Jill Roble 2010
  • Lou Schwartz 07/2010
  • Tony Cushing 04/2011
  • Joy Grace 03/2014
  • Mike "Smitty" Smithers 2/2019

ERYC 2020 Officers

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Matt Feenstra
Sandy Cron
Tony Krug
Rich Newer
Brent Hicky
Past Commodore

2021 Appointed Positions

Store Managers
Lori Hickey
Clarice Leistikow
Bill Wolfington


Past Commodores

1989 Geff Heidbrink 2001 Dale Schmerheim 2013 Bill Wolfington
1990 John Scott 2002 Mary Ann Jensen 2014 Tom Rice
1991 John Robel 2003 Pat Gomolak 2015 Wade Cutler
1992 Sue Geresy 2004 Sharon Bonter 2016 Joel Christensen
1993 Gordon Alexander 2005 Tom French 2017 Dolly Cataldo
1994 Patti Bowen 2006 Rollie Lubbinge
1995 Patti Bowen 2007 Mike Stevens 2018 Rich Giddens
1996 Dave Shattler 2008 Jack Hoopfer 2019 Matt Feenstra
1997 Ken Johnson 2009 Lee Dodds 2020 Matt Feenstra
1998 Bill Geresy 2010 Pete Cataldo 2021
1999 Steve Ostrander 2011 Joel Christensen 2022
2000 Jim English 2012 Will Leistikow 2023

Members Bylaws:
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