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The Elk Rapids Yacht Club was formed in 1988 by boaters at Edward C. Grace Memorial Harbor in Elk Rapids, Michigan. The Club's bylaws state the purposes of the Club are:

  • Promoting safe recreational boating activities.
  • Maintaining and improving harbor services and facilities.
  • Mutually aiding members and their craft at dock and under way.
  • Having fun and enjoying Grand Traverse Bay and adjoining waters.

Although the club operates out of and uses the facilities of the BEST harbor on the Great lakes, the mainstay of the club is its members.  Many members contribute their time to organizing and running the different functions during the year.  While most gatherings are basically social and a great way to meet other members (especially if "volunteering"), some also serve as fund raisers for the club while having fun.  These funds are used to enhance the harbor, provide "extras" for harbor users and contribute to other projects that benefit the community.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this friendly group - please see the membership page for more information.

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